Mark prides himself on taking the time to design a driveway to suit your specific requirements, while the team will professionally construct a smooth new entrance to your property.


  • Stud Farm

    Asphalting this work area on a stud farm, not only improved the look of the area, it eliminated the dust and dirt from vehicles, making it a cleaner and healthier place to work in.

  • Private Estate

    This long ashpalt driveway, featuring a roundabout and concrete edging, plus landscaping works totally transformed this rural retreat and put this property on the prestige list.

  • Residential Driveway

    Featuring a long grand entrance, with beautiful gardens. The sloping block made asphalting this residential property’s driveway an obvious choice for style and safety with the added benefit of less maintenance.

Before & After

Before: Stud Farm

After: Stud Farm

Before: Montville

After: Montville

Before: Hinterland

After: Hinterland

Before: Ilkley House

After: Ilkley House

4 Steps To Transformation

  • 1: Quote

    This particular client contacted us to transform their paddock into a smooth new asphalt sealed driveway. Mark met the client onsite to discuss their requirements & visions for the transformation. The site is measured & assessed by Mark who then returns to the office to sketch the driveway plan & calculate all materials required.

    Our quoting process is thorough, we supply a detailed quote with a sketch outlining the scope of the work to be conducted. This ensures against hidden surprises (both physical & financial) once the transformation has commenced.

    We can commence a driveway within 30 days of job acceptance.

  • 2: Preparation

    Rob & the preparation team arrived on time for a pre-start meeting with the client to discuss underground services, safety precautions, layout, design & client expectations. The prep team then excavated and shaped the site of existing materials (Grass/Topsoil/Gravel etc). The quality tested and specified road base is supplied from a local quarry and placed, shaped & compacted to an average of 150mm to assure a quality solid base. The road base is compacted with several passes of a vibrating drum roller & flat plate.

    Due to moisture content of the road base it is left for approx 5-10 days to “bake out” in the sun. After this natural process is complete our team arrive to prepare the surface and spray on the primer (we call it “tack”). The asphalt paving is laid the following day.

  • 3: Asphalt

    The asphalt is delivered at 180 degrees (hence the name “hot-mix”). Each tip-truck holds about 12 tonne of Asphalt. This asphalt is then laid by our new Leeboy asphalt paver (the newest & technologically advanced asphalt paver on the Coast) or for smaller jobs by our own unique method via the use of our box sled system allowing superior access in tight spaces.

    All the while controlled & supervised by our experienced team of 6-8. Men who will spend time to assure good uniform depth of asphalt is achieved, 38mm laid to average 30mm compacted depth after being professionally rolled.

  • 4: Transformation Complete

    The crew are very experienced and show pride in their work to ultimately provide our client a top quality finish and a total driveway transformation.

    We offer a 2 year warranty against faulty materials and workmanship. Our Asphalt warranty is double the industry standard of one year. It is common that a well constructed Asphalt driveway will last between 15-20 years of light traffic conditions.

    The newly transformed driveway is ready for use almost immediately, allowing easy, smooth & dust free access to the property.

Edging Services

Spoon Drain

Grated Channel

River Rock Spoon Drain

Rock Spalls


Concrete Flush

Concrete Flush

Concrete Kerb + Spoon



Pattern Pave

River Gravel

Sloping Kerb

Concrete Edging

Concrete Edging

Raised Concrete

Standard Road Base

Copper Log

Grass Edging

Rock Edging

Rock Edging

Anti Scour Rock

Anti Scour

Grated Drains

Cross Over Pipe