At Custom Asphalt Driveways we pride ourselves on creating the perfect solutions for your premises and do our best to deliver these within your time frame and budget.


New Driveways

Asphalt, Bitumen, Road Base or Gravel Driveways. Custom Asphalt takes care of the whole project from design, construction and project management to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the results.

New Carparks

For commercial precincts, shopping centres, heavy duty areas  or work yards. Full range of services to see the job through from start to finish including preparation, paving, wheel stop, speed bump and kerb & channel installation.

Repairs / Potholes

No job is too big or too small. Arrange a free quotation to repair potholes and water damage.


Have you got a tired looking driveway or asphalt area? Bring it back to life with resurfacing services from Custom Asphalt Driveways.

Crack Sealing

Our team can seal cracks to prevent water penetration and further degradation.

Road Base Preparation

Starting from a bare lot? It all starts with quality road base preparation and skilful design. Our experienced team handles all aspects of road base construction and associated compaction, drainage and initial earthworks.

Drainage Works

We can lay cross over pipes, field inlet pits, grated channels and seepage Ag drains and minimise water damage to your investment.

Concrete Edging

Concrete edging can define your driveway and provide longer lasting protection by eliminating erosion and break away.

Kerb and Channel

We can add kerbing or channels to the edges of your driveway or car park for added safety, water dispersion and looks.

Pattern Paving & Colouring

Pattern paving edges in a great range of colours adds a touch of class and sophistication to your new surface investment. We have many patterns and ideas to show you, so talk to us about what would suit your needs and budget requirements.

Bitumen Spray Sealing

A cheaper alternative to Asphalt sealing, which suits certain situations such as larger & level rural driveways. See more info for Asphalt v Bitumen.


Spoon Drain

Grated Channel

River Rock Spoon Drain

Rock Spalls


Concrete Flush

Concrete Flush

Concrete Kerb + Spoon



Pattern Pave

River Gravel

Sloping Kerb

Concrete Edging

Concrete Edging

Raised Concrete

Standard Road Base

Copper Log

Grass Edging

Rock Edging

Rock Edging

Anti Scour Rock

Anti Scour

Grated Drains

Cross Over Pipe